Update #89 – Wisdom Retreat in Los Cabo, Mexico – Dec. 9/16

Posted By Amy Lee

“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety” – Abraham Maslow

Perfect weather in Cabo, Mexico!

I enjoyed what I learned from the vacation course this week.  It’s a confirmation that there is no end to growing and since I really value growth, I will continue to learn and grow until the day I die.  I also enjoyed the connections and interactions with the people I met here this week. In addition, I was also inspired by some of the stories I heard.  Thanks to Allen for inviting me to this personal growth vacation course this week at the all inclusive Secret Resort in Cabo, Mexico.  I loved the positive energy from the amazing people here!

Cabo, Mexico 2016
I could never have enough of the sun and the ocean!

This is probably the most relaxing trip I have ever been on.  The perfect weather (24-28 C / 75 – 82 F) is a reminder that I so can give up the winter season completely in my future especially since it’s minus 2 and snowing in Vancouver this week!

Cabo, Mexico

What was shocking was my ability to actually be sleeping a total of 8 to 11 hours everyday  while I am here which is double or even triple what I am used to!  Outside of sleep, classes, meals, yoga, connecting with people, I also found time time to relax by the pool/beach to connect with myself to reflect on my life.  I must say I am grateful and proud of where I am and how I got here!  But am really looking forward to start a brand new chapter of my life in the new year!

Cabo, Mexico - 2016

“Growth isn’t for everybody. Some people just want to stay the same forever”…. Unknown.


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