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First of all, I have never claimed to be an English major.  In fact, I don’t even have a university degree.  Instead, what I have is an entrepreneurial instinct, an adventurous spirit and a big generous heart.  I’ve done it and failed and did it again.  My life history is a case of “been there-done that”, the university of life.


This website is about the people, places, and things that inspire me in business, love, and life. I hope that by sharing a collection of what moves me will in turn inspire others to live their life to the fullest.  This is my legacy – one that not only those closest to me and my children can look back to but one that I hope will bring passion to those I have yet to meet.


Thank you for visiting my site.  Be inspired!


Amy Lee is Chinese, born in Vietnam, raised in Canada and has lived there since she was eight years old. She is a passionate businesswoman, a world traveller, a loving daughter, sister and mother.

Her family is one of those that escaped the devastating situation in Vietnam in 1976, risked their lives, gave up all their fortunes, and went through an arduous refugee process. By the time they arrived in Canada, her parents had nothing left but the 4 gold necklaces they saved for wedding gifts for their children. Amy’s family literally started life anew in Canada in 1979.

Having to start work as early as 10 years old, Amy was toughened by experiences that serve as the backdrop of where she stands today: risk taker, passionate, enthusiastic and intuitive – especially about business. These same experiences have molded her into becoming an achiever.

A successful entrepreneur with a laser intuition for identifying and creating exponential business opportunities, she brings proven insight and passion to new ventures. Sans an MBA, she was able to build a successful retail franchise chain and grow a large mortgage brokering business. Trusted for her integrity and honesty, she was given responsibility for and became successful in property management and private fund management for her clients. She created a unique business model in high-end luxury home developments, proof that she loves dealing with niche markets.

Her friends know her as a passionate student of personal growth and development. Her colleagues describe her as a highly intelligent and savvy businesswoman. And her family recognizes and appreciates her for her love, devotion and loyalty.

At home, Amy is a proud single mom of 3 well-rounded children. She is the daughter and sister to a large extended family in Vancouver, BC. When she is not dominating the business world, Amy loves to continue her personal ongoing self-growth through traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and mentoring and inspiring others to be successful too. Like other people, Amy went through several challenging episodes in her life. What didn’t break her made her the stronger person that she is today. She feels very grateful for everything she has achieved and everyone she has around her. And this is why she has no hesitation in living her life to the fullest.

Amy’s strength also lies in her natural tendency to embrace challenges – not just accept them – and turn these challenges around to her favour. She is a quick learner and decision maker. Determination is her essence! And when she wants to learn something, she continues to learn until she masters it. When she takes on a project, she puts her whole being into it; mediocrity is not in her active vocabulary. She often tells her kids, “Why settle for 89% when 98% is not impossible?” She has big visions and is always clear in her mission to get there, wherever “there” might be. She doesn’t believe in settling for less!!

Amy could be painted as a hard-core businesswoman, with a heart of stone. She may have been toughened by what she went through in her life journey but her heart is soft and compassionate. When Amy accepts someone into her inner circle, she will go the extra mile to help them and to protect them.

With a reputation for being a workaholic, Amy believes in “all in or all out.” She puts her heart in everything that she does, so at 38 she decided to retire and focus on bonding with her children. From 2011 to 2013, she took “bonding” to another level when she and her youngest child Deon. toured the world together, making him one of the world’s most travelled child: 20 countries and 53 cities in two years! For both Mom and son, volunteering to teach English to children in China, Thailand and India was unforgettable. Their backpacking experience in South America was a challenge because of the self-imposed budget they set for themselves. Their travels dramatically changed their perspective about life and their values.

After all this, Amy continues to be passionate about taking on new challenges and doing things that are ground-breaking. She lives by the “Go Big or Go Home” principle. Thus, after traveling the world with her son, she took on another challenge by embarking on her first back-to-work project: the Millionaire Chess Open.

It was quite a challenge indeed! Amy does not play chess, but in 2009, while attending a personal growth retreat, she was fascinated as she witnessed Grandmaster Maurice Ashley playing a blindfolded chess exhibition against 5 people.

Having made sure her children played chess when they were growing up, she had long discussions with Maurice about how to bring the benefits of the game to a bigger audience. After he shared his idea for a million dollar tournament with her, she realized that the potential of chess had not fully been achieved yet. With a nose for an opportunity in a potentially under tapped market, she didn’t hesitate to embrace the challenge, so her focus is to help bring chess to a larger community, worldwide.

After investing 3 years into MC and while waiting for future sponsors to come onboard, Amy decided to pursue her 2 other dreams: visiting 100 countries before turning 50 and to prepare the ground for building an orphanage after the age of 50. In her words:

“All along, I’ve had these two big dreams. I am grateful that I have the freedom to do both at the same time at this stage of my life (46 years old). To achieve the goal of building an orphanage, I decided to invest in positive cash flow properties to bring in long-term passive income, so that my legacy can continue even after I die. I’ve worked diligently to create my own power teams in different markets. I believe you have to set specific goals, stay focused and take actions if you want to achieve your dreams in life.”

Amy hopes to leave a mark that her children and her mother would be proud of.

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