Ready to begin a new chapter of my life!!. – Dec. 1/16 – 9.5

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This house was on the Dream Home TV show.  Here’s the link to the 11 min video tour of the house:


Finally moved out of the mansion now!  I can’t even begin to express how relieved and re-energized I am despite how much pain I feel after a week of packing for 15 – 20 hours a day!  I also feel so light after donating 95% of my belongings!  I can’t even understand why I bought so much in the first place, but that’s all past now, so I’m not gonna dwell on it anymore.  Just grateful that many family, friends and people in need can enjoy them now!   🙂


I am all settled into a very comfy and homey house that belongs to Yvonne (a very close GF who moved back to HK 8 years ago).  I will be house sitting for her while I begin my life as a “feetless bird” (a bird without feet can’t stop)!  It sure is less lonely to come back to an empty 4000 sq. ft. house compared to an empty 11,000 sq. ft. mansion!  Absolutely!


I installed a nice new karaoke system that comes with 95,358 songs! Even though I might be travelling 30 – 40 weeks next year, while I am in Vancouver I want to do what I enjoy most: karaoke and watching soap operas (lots to catch up on!).  Now that I am stress-free then it’s time to get back to doing those things!  I am especially motivated after seeing the comfy seats in Yvonne’s home theatre.  I have been on her massage chair for over an hour every night so far!


On a scale from 1 – 10, my emotional level is at 12 now as I sit in the karaoke room with all the candles lit up just like how I liked it back in my old days at 48th Ave.  It feels like a 200 lb rock has been lifted off my shoulder!  Priceless feeling!


There are a bunch of people I want to thank after the sale of my house.  So I went to Apple store and bought over 10K worth of Apple products as my gift to them.  While I was there I saw these large 13” iPads that I was inspired to get for mom, auntie 7 and uncle 8.  Mom and her siblings are not getting any younger and I am honoured to be able to give them some finer things in life since I know they won’t be buying it for themselves regardless of how much they have.  I experienced a lot of joy seeing the smile on mom and auntie 7’s face when I delivered those large iPads to them.  I highly value giving!  Among the 5 languages of love, gifts must be my favourite one!  I find giving gifts more meaningful than giving them cash or buying them dinner.  I hope to have the privilege to continue expressing my love for my loved ones through giving in the form of gifts or service.


I am really excited about new opportunities in 2017!  I believe it will be a new beginning of something more meaningful than what I had ever experienced up to now.  But I will take it easy between now and when the Chinese new year arrives!


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  1. Thanks for sharing Amy. Wish you happiness in your new chapter of life as a “feetless bird”.

    **Consider 3month, 20,000km, 11 country tour around Sub-Saharan Africa.

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