Hey Amylee

I am and I would like
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Hey Amylee

I am and I would like
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  1. Wow, I really like the hexagonal formations in the sun dried soil in the photograph of a dessert setting. Reminds me of the paving stones that I laid for a car drive some years ago… πŸ™‚

    1. Hi John. Glad to have led you down memory lane… but you could have seen the photograph on the home page. It’s the world’s largest salt flat in Bolivia and those formations are the salt flats.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I want to register for the Millionaire Chess tournament, but I need to pay using PayPal. I sent a note asking about this at the Millionaire Chess website two days ago, but no one has responded. The deadline is coming up, and I don’t know who else to contact. There’s no phone number on the tournament website. Is there someone I can call? Thanks, Amy.


  3. I just want to tell you that I’m beginner to blogging and certainly liked your site. And you surely come up with well written articles. Bless you for sharing your web-site.

  4. I really appreciate your interest in tournament chess! I haven’t played competitively for over 18 years [so it’s a bit hard to figure out if my stale ratings will mean anything if I join!]. The main reason I am writing is that I have a really, really, really, really fantastic idea for chess but I can’t discuss details of it publicly. If you are ever in the Toronto area, please contact me and we can chat over lunch! You’ll love my ideas, lol, I guarantee it!

    1. Further to someone’s message about payment above, if I join before May 31st, I too would like to use paypal, could someone contact me please? To be candid, since I haven’t played for 18 years, the probability of playing is about 50%.

  5. Hi Amy I was wondering what your advice would be on how to further the art of singing if one wants to sing in a higher pitch :/

  6. Hello Amy lee my name is Britnie Sherouse and I am a huge fan of you and I wanted to tell you that I can sing just like you and me and my boyfriend are dating and he wants to purpose to me on my birthday but I have a huge question to ask can you come to my birthday party I want to meet you in person and so I wanted to sing to you and get to know you more!!!!! My phone number is 2103891506 please call me when you get this message!!!!!

  7. Hi Amy,

    I wanted to say thank you again for your lovely presentation at the Women of Wealth seminar last week Saturday. I’m very inspired by your story and have already been putting myself out there and looking for a Property where I can find my first investment. Thank You!

  8. Hi Amy

    My name is Inhee Park.
    I also living in Vancouver BC.
    Originally from Korea 7 years ago following my happiness and success in here and finally got my permanent residency and work hard.
    I recently start study in Legacy Education.
    When I saw your name hall of fame that I was so happy and excited to see someone who is from Vancouver who had same goals and dreams and who had already achieved it.
    I am very new to this real estate business but the more I study the more I am interested in and I am willing to commit but I need someone who can lead me and teach me and I want to learn from the BEST.
    It would be very honored if I had a change to meet you maybe some advise possibly work with you in the future.

    I would be so happy if I could hear from you.
    Thank you!

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