Update #144  – Tokyo, Japan – Dec. 5/19  

Posted By Amy Lee

Collages for Tokyo



It’s my 3rd time in Japan but this time is definitely the best!  It was my first time ever to eat raw fish!  I figure there’s no better place to take the plunge than in the birth city of sashimi!  

Collages for Tokyo

I was in AWE when I saw the lighting inside this TeamLab Planet – Modern Art Museum!  Highly recommended to all Japan visitors!

Collages for Tokyo

I had always wanted to see Mt Fuji ever since I heard a chinese song about this mountain 2 decades ago.  So I am glad we signed up for a day trip to see it while we were here.  

Collages for Tokyo

The highlight for me was the Kimono wearing lesson and photoshoot afterwards.  I totally didn’t know wearing kimono is so complicated as I have been wearing kimonos ever since I was 12 years old due to working at my mom’s Japanese restaurant.   What a great experience! 

Collages for Tokyo Collages for Tokyo

Bye bye Tokyo!  Hello Vietnam!


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