Update #103 – St. John, New Brunswick – Aug. 16/17

Posted By Amy Lee

St John, New Brunswick


I started investing in St. John, New Brunswick in February this year but I had not seen any of the real estate I bought and had not met anyone I had been working with, including realtors, property managers, bankers, lawyers, subtrades and the accountant; therefore, this was a business trip I needed to take.



It was such a nice break from traffic jams and the weather was just perfect.  I find the people in small towns are ultra friendly.  So peaceful and calm here!  I really enjoyed my visit!  The only complaint I have is the food: very few options and of course, one can’t expect Vancouver quality.  Also the cost is about 30% pricier than in Toronto!


SJ, New Brunswick

I would like to come back and experience the winter snow storms some day since that’s not something I ever experienced before!  LOL!

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