Speaker Training – Aug. 22/17

Posted By Amy Lee


Speaker Training

I was revisiting my bucket list this summer and realized there’s only 3 remaining items as of today:  


1) overcome stage fright and my fear of public speaking;

2) visit 100 countries before I turn 50;

3) start a charity related to orphanages after 50.


I decided to conquer #1 so I stopped by Toronto for a 3 day private one on one training with Katie who I feel is the best at what she is does.  My goal is to completely overcome this fear by my birthday next year!  


I didn’t achieve 100% of my expectation during my time in Toronto so I felt a bit discouraged but I was not going to give up so I reached out to Paul who was my Toastmasters mentor to help and he agreed.  I now feel a lot more confident and motivated to “own the stage” someday—that’ll be when I can check this item off my bucket list!


I’m feeling very excited and grateful towards the people I have around me such as Paul, Maurice, Katie and Mercedes for supporting and helping me to conquer this long time fear of mine!  I’m taking baby steps for now but I am confident I can do it as long as I stay focused on overcoming it.

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