Beyond MC2: Our Vision for Chess

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Our goal with Millionaire Chess is to constantly raise the bar by making chess tournaments more and more exciting to be a part of and to watch.

With that in mind, the new promo Maurice suggested on the MC square that we launched feels like a new hope for MC especially after seeing how the TV Producers became super excited about it. Indeed, the Millionaire Square Prize sets a new standards for prize money and the excitement for an Open tournament. Someone could actually walk home with $1M in cash!!

One of the 64 squares will absolutely contain the million dollars. Makes me wish I could play!

I want to emphasize this MC Square promo is giving us a lot of hope in terms of upping the game.  There were grumblings that the first Millionaire Chess Open, despite doling out 1 million dollars in prize money, did not actually produce any millionaires. That reality is now possible with MC2.

Apart from making a difference in the prize money, we want to see MC2 penetrating deeper into the TV / Media market. Chess can be a real life drama, almost like a reality show, where any outcome is possible. This is a perfect show – whether TV or internet broadcast. We want to see more participants, to bring in sponsors and broadcasters on board, to attract more celebrities in the chess world in order to broaden our reach and appeal and finally to seal the brand as a leading chess event provider. We believe we are well poised to be the most attractive chess product out there.

Technology will have a greater role in MC2. We feel that the best way to coalesce the diverse international audience is through an online component. And that’s apart from TV broadcast. There may be some merchandise play in an app, and instructional software, too. The online radio show is also a big piece that will come together soon. People playing on our site is also a big possibility. That will help cement continuous engagement with the brand that will make MC very attractive to sponsors and advertisers.

We want to see MC as a household name in 3-5 years and that is a worldwide household brand with a sizable not-to-ignore TV market. In this second tournament, we already have more stakeholders: Investors, TV interest, A documentary feature. It’s all signs of dynamic growth. Something we are very proud of as we persevere forward.

Are there high risks to achieve major change? I can be living proof of that. The future success and growth of Millionaire Chess has to come with continued support from every single person that plays chess. Why aim lower than that? We are attracting more and more interested sponsors to propel Millionaire Chess into the future. I’m excited about the partners we gain in the future. My call to action is for more people who share our passion to step forward and invest. Be a part of history in the making with us. I look forward to promoting those that partner with Millionaire Chess. I’m also excited to keep pushing the wow factor as we progress. There is no doubt still that we can succeed at bringing high stakes chess into the mainstream spotlight.

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