Is it my new “Calling” to be a Speaker?  – July 21/18

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Overcoming my Fear of Public Speaking – another item off my bucket list today!  What a rough journey to get here! But it was so worth it!

For the first time, I was speaking solo for Legacy this weekend in Calgary.  On a scale from 1 to 10, I was like a 4 on day one, a 6 on day two and then an 8 on day three!  I still have lots of room to improve but it was nice to finally be able to feel comfortable being the center of attention.  

I am overwhelmed by the beautiful feedback and thank you’s from the students saying how much I had inspired them. Feels amazing to know what I said had made such a difference to their lives and inspired them to take action to create changes.  I can only imagine the ripples effects on their loved ones in the future as a result of today.

I felt so grateful by the time I was done speaking: no way I could have made it this far if it wasn’t for the help I got from a close group of friends in my inner circle (Maurice, Paul, Philip, Sam, Stephen, Helen, Mercedes and Katie)!  So glad to have them in my corner!

Now I am beginning to wonder if it’s my new “calling” to become a speaker to inspire all those who are struggling—especially women!


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