Update #118 – US Road Trip – July 5/18

Posted By Amy Lee



Our 11 day road trip started from Arizona, passing through the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon, before heading to Vegas and Lake Tahoe and then to San Francisco!  

Lost Dog Trail - Scottsdale

This was my first time in Arizona during the summer and I was pleasantly surprised that 41 degrees dry heat is not that bad at all!  I was reminded how much I love my cozy little winter home along with Arizona’s blue sky during this trip. I have already made plans to be back here again this October!

Grand Canyon - 2018

My Taiwanese friends, Luong and Bell were really impressed with the size of the Grand Canyon.  We were very fortunate that the weather wasn’t too hot when we arrived at the South Rim. We expected it to be above 35 degrees but it was only 29, and thankfully, we had some breeze as well.  We only spent 1 day here.


Our next stop was the Antelope Canyon.  I didn’t join the tour because I was here last year, but  Deon, Helen, Bell and Luong went. They were in awe of the colors and shapes inside the canyon but felt the tour was too rushed, and as a result, they didn’t get to take as many photos as they wished.


Then we drove to Vegas where we spent 3 nights and saw 2 great shows.  David Copperfield is my all time favorite magician and I have been wanting to watch him for decades.  So needless to say, I was thrilled to finally see his live show during this trip! The other show that was recommended to us by Kelvin was the Ka Show, which was so amazing!  It’s a shame that I didn’t understand the love story like the rest of our group did. Deon, Helen, Bell and Luong ended up having to explain the whole story to me over dinner.  We all enjoyed the show very much and it was definitely the highlight of the Vegas leg of the trip.


Our next stop was a 7 hours drive (which was very beautiful and scenic) to Lake Tahoe where we met up with mom and my siblings to watch the 4th of July fireworks.

f1069480-8a32-42bf-a1d3-3ee4ac287ae5 IMG_5628

Finally we drove 3 hours to San Francisco for a quick tour of Chinatown, the Golden Gate bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf before taking the flight home to conclude this road trip.


I am grateful that I got to know Helen, Luong and Bell on a deeper level after being on this 11 day trip together!  That’s the beauty of traveling together and why I am a firm believer in using travel (for 2 months together) as a test of whether Mr. Right is indeed Mr. Right.  I mean, by the end of 2 months if we haven’t killed each other yet then I’m confident we can survive being together till the end of our time on earth!

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