Bitten by the Travel Bug Again! – Aug. 25/18

Posted By Amy Lee


World traveler


My travel bug is back!  I miss so much being on the road! I just finished planning my upcoming Easter Europe trip where I will be visiting 15 countries!  This will bring me closer to achieving my goal of visiting 100 countries before I turn 50!  I can’t wait to check this item off my bucket list!  I am feeling so grateful for the baggage-free lifestyle I’m living: it’s such a blessing to be able to spontaneously take off whenever I wish!


Prior to planning my trip, I did some deep soul searching regarding my desire to travel vs. continuing to empower women through my speaking.  While I did question whether it’s my calling to be a speaker, I was verymoved when many students lined up to give me hugs, take a selfies with me and tell me how much I had inspired them after I spoke for Legacy in Edmonton last month.  However, my desire to make a difference has no deadline since I plan to do that till I die.


My sister set me up on a blind date recently.  Amazing guy:  divorced, no kids, financially independent.  However, he has a successful business that he loves and needs to attend to 4 days a week.  So in my dictionary, he is not baggage free which doesn’t work for me at this stage of my life since I am not interested in having a long distance relationship.  I believe if it’s meant to be then he will still be there when I am donecrossing this item off my bucket list.  I feel really good about how crystal clear I am about what my priority is right now: and that would be to be back on the road travelling!


In a nutshell, there’s a deadline to achieve this goal, but no deadline to start a relationship or to continue changing lives.  I am super excited to be visiting 15 eastern European countries starting Sept. 8, 2018.  It’s interesting to learn so many people find “unknown” to be scary since it’s not within their control but for me, “unknown” is mysterious, which makes it very exciting to me.


I am sure accomplishing the goal of visiting 100 countries before turning 50 will inspire many others throughout the remaining days in my lifetime.  It will be something I can share in all my future presentations as well!



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