Why I Blog – April 22/14 = 7

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There are people who are good in writing poems and other works born out of imagination – the creative writers.  I am not.  I write in order to express myself – my experiences and my thoughts.  There are people who prefer to write journals and keep these to themselves.  I don’t.  I’d rather share what I write with people. But like them, I see writing as a form of expression that is also a healing process, a part of personal growth.  Being a “horizontal thinker,” I’ve seen that writing has motivated me to think vertically because I need to go more deeply into an idea so that I can write about it well.

To me, blogging is the most effective way to express myself to my family and friends and to all those people who are interested in knowing more about me, including my kids and next generations of my family.  This is a very efficient way of sharing who I am without having to repeat myself over and over again, that is, I do not need to tell my story every time I am being asked.  Blogging has provided me with the most fluidic experience of sharing my knowledge with others who find value in it.

Sure, I recognize that there are people who will not resonate with me; that’s okay.  But I do want to inspire those who think and feel in the same wavelength that I do.  Over the years, it has been a very rewarding feeling hearing from people how much I have touched them through my blogs.

Back 15 years ago when I wrote my first blog, all I wanted was to reach out to my family and close friends in the fastest and the most efficient way.  When I started my travel blogs in 2011, I’ve had people who have told me that they were influenced to visit the places that I’ve been to.  I didn’t intend to be an endorser!  And ever since this website (a combination of my old personal blogs and my travel website) got launched, reading the inspiring comments from people I do not know has been a wonderful experience.  Having a wide “fan base” outside my personal circle was not part of the plan, either. But it has been heartwarming.  Now, I have “friends” from across the seas and the mountains, without any cultural or racial barriers.

Now that I am more inspired to continue blogging and upon the suggestion of some people, I’ve decided to make my website more attractive.  And learning from my experience of getting bored easily with not-so-pleasing sites, I know that making my own website look attractive will stimulate the interest of people to continue reading. Now, I owe it to them.

So far,

– I’ve been adding images to the content.  Putting my travel pictures on the web have made me “bring” people to the places I’ve been to.

– I provide hyper-links wherever possible to make it convenient for readers to switch sites to information I am giving.


Given my personality (I tell people I was born with zero boring cells), I constantly come up with new things to get myself involved in, I like to meet new interesting people to know and learn from and I would like to continue to travelling, I don’t think I will ever run out of things to blog about.

Starting from the personal intention of enhancing my writing skills only so that I could rewrite my mom’s biography in the near future (and I hope sooner than soon!), I’ve recently, after writing many new blogs on my last 2 chillaxing trips, realized that I’ve already developed the passion for writing, the kind of passion that I’ve only read about from more experienced writers. Now, I know where they are coming from.



7 thoughts on “Why I Blog – April 22/14 = 7

  1. We are in “sync” again. You call it horizontal writing, I call it writing from the heart. What ever you want to call it, I lack the imagination to write the poetry or the songs of the brilliant imaginative writers. However, I’m able to write from the heart pretty well and so are you. I don’t like writing factual stuff and I’ll bet you don’t either. Great post by the way.

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