Update #97 – Brisbane, Australia – March 13/17

Posted By Amy Lee

Brisbane, Australia

As the capital of Queensland and Australia’s third largest city (with a population of 2.3 million), Brisbane is known as the “River City” because the longest river in Southeast Queensland flows through the entire city.  Indeed, an ideal way to experience the true beauty of Brisbane is to get to know the Brisbane River.


Brisbane is rightly famous for its amazing climate that is near perfect all year round, and its proximity to many of Queensland’s major tourist destinations has made it a Mecca for visitors to Australia. During my stay (near the end of their summer) the temperature was between 26 to 33 degrees, which felt too humid for me as I much prefer dry heat.  At first I found food rather expensive but after considering that there’s no tipping and no tax then I realized it’s not too bad compared to Vancouver.

Brisbane, Australia

I couldn’t miss the River Tour while I was in the River city especially since it was only a 5 minute walk from the hotel.  The tour was peaceful and relaxing.  I also did the Hop on and Hop off bus tour, with Chinatown as the last stop.  I was determined to try the famous “Australian green lip abalone” but couldn’t find it in any restaurants because most of it gets exported (no wonder why we hear about it so frequently in Asia and North America).  The restaurant owner convinced me to try the “Australian mud crab” instead;  the crabmeat was very tasty but the shell was super hard.  The bill was $117.00 for the crab with noodles and a beer!  Ouch!

Brisbane, Australia

I met some very interesting people here which gave me some new inspiration in terms of my future investments.

Brisbane, Australia

Very excited to go to Arizona to spend spring break with Deon in Arizona this year.  Total travel time will be 20 hours!



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