Update #83 – Arizona – Feb. 28/16

Posted By Amy Lee

AZ-Hike-with-Justin compress

Going home today but having mixed feelings.  Of course, I want to go home and be with my family.  But I am very settled in my winter home here in Arizona and so now, it feels like I am leaving home.  I am really not ready to say goodbye to the blue sky and bright sunny Arizona weather yet.  I really enjoyed the many new hiking trails I explored this time and  I will miss the hot yoga classes and, certainly, the new friends I’ve made.  Saying goodbye seems so hard…

I had been monitoring Vancouver’s weather and it’s been gloomy and wet just like how it has been for the last 32 years during this time of the year, so I don’t look forward to that at all.

But then again, I do look forward to catching up with family and friends before I take off for my Silk Road trip in April.

Bye bye Arizona!  I will be back! That’s a promise!


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