Update #81 – Hong Kong – Dec. 3/15

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Amazing food in Hong Kong!
Amazing food in Hong Kong!

If there’s one thing in Hong Kong that never ceases to impress me, it is the high value they place on speed and efficiency.   Local people always say: “Time is like Cash.  Land is like Gold”!

You can feel the difference the moment you deplane and walk through Hong Kong International Airport. While it’s true that people seem to be moving quickly and purposefully, it’s also clear that everywhere you go the workers have thought through a system for assuring that things get done as fast as possible. At customs, for example, there are people directing traffic to make sure lines disappear as quickly as possible. In stores, long lines are immediately responded to by opening extra cashiers. The second the line whittles down, the workers move back to restocking. And in restaurants, food is served with a focus on getting the food in and out as soon as possible. It’s no wonder that Hong Kong has become so developed, boasting the most advanced transportation system in the world.


Hong Kong (Dec. 2015) - 93
Hong Kong will always be most special to me because of these friends I know and love!


Among the over a dozen of times I have visited Hong Kong, I must say that I enjoyed this trip the most because of the quality time I got to spend with my old friends Yvonne, Zack, Shirley, Raphael, Cora and Monkey.  Though the trip was short, we spent time reconnecting over great food and drinks with beautiful nighttime views of the Hong Kong skyline.  It felt like I had just picked up with them from where we last left off three and a half years ago.  It’s nice to know that even though many things have changed in our lives over the years, our chemistry hasn’t.  Even if twenty years pass, Hong Kong will always be most special to me primarily because of these friends I know and love.

Going home for Christmas now…


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