Update #77 – New York & Vegas – Oct. 4/15

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New York’s Central Park

After 10 visits to New York, I finally got to see Central Park this time.  I remember watching a Chinese love story movie back in the 1984 and there was a very romantic scene taking place in this park.  Ever since then, New York’s Central Park and Paris’s Eiffel Tower have become symbols of romance and love for me.  The park was nice but much nicer in the movie as it showed how all the leaves changed colors during the fall. I was really happy to have ticked off another “to go” item from my bucket list!

After spending 5 days in NY, my next stop was Vegas where I stayed for 9 days.  I must have been to Vegas over 30 times since 1989.  Many things have changed but the vibes in Vegas haven’t.  It’s still a city with many beautiful large hotels, full of lights and full of life.  However, after this trip, I felt very Vegas’ed out so I don’t plan to come back here anytime soon.  

Largest Club inside Caesar Palace Hotel

I look forward to my next trip with Mom, uncles and aunties to China, then Korea.  I call it the “dig roots” trip for which I bugged my Mom and uncle to take me to see where my ancestors were born.  I also want to meet our cousins there while mom is still alive and can still do the introductions.  I have always believed that people come together for a reason.  I believe family members, lovers and friends are people we had relationships with in the past life and with whom we may left some unfinished business, therefore we are meant to connect again in this lifetime to finish off what’s left  and resolve whatever conflicts there could have been or rekindle whatever relationships there were.  There’s a famous Chinese line that loosely translates to “some people are here to give back and some are here to take back.”  I really believe in this line.  Those that owe me in my past are here to pay me back.  Those from whom I owe something in my past life are here to take back from me in this life… That is why, based on this principle, I always try to be a fair, kind and loving person so I can live a guilt free life and hopefully be able to leave this world with no regrets whatsoever 🙂



4 thoughts on “Update #77 – New York & Vegas – Oct. 4/15

  1. Hey Amy,

    You must be having so much travelling around the world. I really love NYC. Have you had a chance to play chess at Bryant Park or Washington Square Park?

    1. LOL. I just recently started playing chess a little, much less go to famous park to play. I think those guy would have a good laughing at my moves.

  2. LOL. Yes, there are some very good chess players and hustlers at the parks, so you do have to be careful. Well if you’re ever in San Antonio, I’ll give you some free chess lessons.

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