Update #71 – Johannesburg, South Africa – May 7/15

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Johannesburg airport!
Johannesburg airport!

My Johannesburg stay was only 2 days but sure glad I came.  To start, I was very impressed with how big and beautiful the airport was.  Next, I was impressed with the valet service they have: it only cost $24 USD to have your car parked there for 4 days; the valet brings the car right to the airport for you, and they even wash it, too.  Wow!  When will we have this kind of service in North America?


The most important thing I wanted to see here was the Apartheid Museum. This is a great place to go to learn about the past of South Africa and what life was like back then.  Here, I came to understand the history of this place and its transition from Apartheid to Freedom.  The visit was very informative and it gave visitors an insight into the history of the country in an engaging manner.  It gave a great overview of the rise and fall of apartheid.


The museum has 2 parts.  Walking thru Nelson Mandela’s part was very inspiring and uplifting.  Going through the Apartheid section made my tears fall. It’s quite overwhelming actually.  The visit made me realize how cruel and unnecessary Apartheid was and how it destroyed generations of people.  I feel really sad to know what people have had to bear because of others. One can understand that natural disasters can destroy lives and property because they are beyond man’s control, but man’s inhumanity to man is another question. I have to admit that this experience left me questioning the essence of human beings…..


On the whole, this last leg of my Africa experience has been awesome despite the emotion that the visit to the museum left me with!  Thanks to my amazing host, Graham.  I will definitely come back to this continent because there is so much more to explore.  I mean I have visited only 2 of the 54 countries on this continent so far.

Grade 3 kids in the MiniChess program!
Grade 3 kids in the MiniChess program!

It’s hard to believe I have been travelling exactly a month already.  I feel like I have gone on a long personal growth journey. I have learned so much over the last 30 days.  What a priceless experience! It’s really motivating to continue to travel and to continue to explore what’s out there…

Going home now!

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