Update #60 – Honolulu, HAWAII

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April 3/14 – Thanks to Liz for sending us here for this 5-day trip.  We enjoyed our stay in the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa Hotel.  This is our first mother-daughter trip since 2005.  We spent most of the time chillaxing by the pool.  Loved the weather here!  I managed to get a lot of work done while Jo achieved her goal of being tanned… 🙂

Honolulu, HAWAII - 59

Honolulu is the largest city in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  Unlike Maui where it’s more relaxing, Honolulu is fast-paced and dynamic.  It is a busy city, it being the center of government and business.  Despite this however, the laid-back atmosphere is still felt. Very lively city indeed!


Eighty percent of Hawaii’s population is in Honolulu and it is where the world-famous tourist destination, the Waikiki Beach, is located.  We are very fortunate that our hotel is just right across the beach; so convenient.  I am surprised with the number of shops along the beach strip.  They range from casual stores to all kinds of brand-name shops.


After seeing so many “white sand beaches” in the other places that I’ve been to such as Mexico, Tofino and Hainan Island, I really want to go and check out the “black sand beach” and the “green sand beach” in the Big Island but we got lazy and decided to continue to be pool bums instead since the weather is so nice here.  So I decided that I would go to Big Island the next time I visit Hawaii.   This is my third visit and it won’t be the last.  Definitely.



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14 thoughts on “Update #60 – Honolulu, HAWAII

  1. Hi Amy, I lived on the Big Island from 1981-1984 as a very young man going to college there. Made many friends, and you won’t regret going. I lived in Hilo, but travelled all over the island in my car and did a LOT of fishing. A true paradise.

  2. Hi Amy, We love Honolulu too! We’re hoping to go to Maui one day. Man, that’s one big pineapple juice (in the last pic). Lol 😀

    xo Jo

  3. You and your daughter are in sync with my wife and I. We are complete bums when we go places. We either go to the beach or lay by the pool. We are so lazy in that regard.

    You really need to see the black sand it is so cool. Remember not to take any of the sand with you though, it is extremely bad luck. Pearl Harbor is a must see as well if you have not been there. I have a recommendation for a tour company if you need one. Maui is the most beautiful place I have been to on earth and Volcano National Park is a also a must see.

    1. I LOVE Maui too. I was there for my cousin’s wedding 7 years ago. Pearl Harbor was on our “to go” list this time but we got lazy and decided to be pool bum instead… 🙂

  4. you look well rested and like you’re enjoying life, good for you. a trip with your daughter, wonderful and very much needed i’m sure. I miss you and hope we’ll get to hook up either when you’re in ny again or when i’m back training and invited to teach in bc:) I would love for you to meet ella:) xo

  5. looks like you’re having a wonderful time. think of you often and am glad to see you and your girl having some mother daughter time!! I look forward to doing all those cool things one day with Ella. I hope our paths cross again soon so you can meet her. xoxo

  6. Nice pix Amy, Thanks for sharing, hope you got a chance to try the White Pineapple Enjoy and have a Safe trip back. (:-)

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