Update #140 – Southern Caribbean Cruise – Oct. 18/19

Posted By Amy Lee

Crown Princess


Right after the Central Asia trip, we flew to Ft. Lauderdale for a cruise to celebrate Amy & Andrew’s 1 year anniversary.  I can’t believe we did 22 trips to 26 countries over 4 continents within the last 12 months together! Time flies! What an amazing year for both of us!  #feelingblessed


The Crown Princess ship weights 113K tons and can carry up to 3080 passengers.  It was a very relaxing 10 days along the southern Caribbean with stops at these 6 ports:  Princess Cays, Bahamas & St. Thomas US Virgin Islands, & Dominica & Grenada & Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands & Curacao!


Our luggage didn’t arrive in Ft. Lauderdale so we had to go to the mall and buy a few items to last 4 days before we can see our luggage on the next port which is St. Thomas.  It was not fun! There was not a lot of things to do on this ship for us but since I was fighting jet lag for the first 6 days, it didn’t really matter. In fact, it was very relaxing which is what a cruise is meant to be anyways.


We got inspired to look into 30+ days world cruises while we were on this cruise.  I really want to work on my travel photo slideshow project and Andrew wants to write a book and do a bunch of presentations.  So we figure what’s better than being on a cruise and set aside 6-8 hours during each day to work on our projects since we won’t need to worry about cooking, cleaning, shopping or running errands while cruising! 

Grenada Curacao St. Thomas

Next stop: West Palm Beach in Florida!


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