Update #14 – “Road Trip”

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Lake Louise (July 2012) - 35

July 15/12 –  I can’t believe we are almost coming to the end of our road trip already.  I am so glad that even though this trip wasn’t on an RV as originally planned, we, 2 moms and our 2 boys still continued to have our “road trip.”  What an amazing experience!  This is my first road trip but for sure won’t be my last.  Surprisingly, the long distance driving was nothing hard like I had fantasized it to be.  Actually, I really enjoyed my time spent with Anne (a dear friend), Justin (a sweet boy) and Deon (a cool kid).

Panorama Resort - 22 Toby Creek Rafting - 08 Toby Creek Rafting - 19 Panorama Resort - 56

I didn’t realize how beautiful the scenery of BC and Alberta is.  The view of the Rocky Mountain (world’s longest mountain) is stunning!  The landscaping view (yellow plants, green grass,) and the blue sky in Alberta is very beautiful. I realized that while I have been traveling so far out to see the world, I neglected what’s so beautiful in and around me all my life.  After this, I will be more motivated to do more road trips to places nearby. There are still tons of places to explore in North America alone.

Banff (July 2012) - 06 Alberta (July 2012) - 10 Alberta (July 2012) - 05 Stampede - 19

During this trip, I have really appreciated witnessing all the effort Anne is putting in to grow into a better person and a better mom which is why I am committed to helping her during and after this trip.  From the INNER HONESTY Persistence I am doing with her every night, I add comments and questions for her to think about.  Surprisingly, I have had a few “cross integrations” while doing Persistent with her, which is great for my own growth.  Then through the many conflicts between Justin and Deon, I have gotten more data as bases for guiding both the boys in so many different areas.  It’s very satisfying to see how much they have learned about the different values and concepts we have been teaching them.  I am very pleased to see how much better they are now getting along with each other than how they were at the beginning of this trip.  Although short, (12 days only) it’s been such a great learning and growing experience for all of us.  I am so glad we came to this trip together.  I felt we really connected and bonded!

Mission Hill Winery - 001 Mission Hill Winery - 041 Lavender Herb Farm (Kelowna) - 10 Mission Hill Winery - 006

This trip indeed confirms that I have the travel bug ingrained in me because I don’t even feel like going home yet.  What’s more, I can’t wait to start my year 2 of traveling with Deon.  It also reconfirms the realization I had that traveling with my potential Mr. Right is mandatory before I commit to settling down and be in a long term relationship again because we really will learn a lot about each other when traveling together….

Kelowna (July 2012) - 12 Royal Tyrrell Museum - 020 Edmonton (July 2012) - 19 Edmonton (July 2012) - 42

Stampede - 44 Radium Hot Springs - 4 Stampede - 19 Panorama Resort - 80

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