Ready for my Next Challenge  – Nov. 10/16

Posted By Amy Lee

My next challenge is to become a powerful speaker!


I am turning 46 today and I decided to set a new challenge for myself: to overcome my stage fright and fear of public speaking.

A few months ago when I was over at Stephen’s house for dinner, I learned about Legacy. The company’s mission to help people become independently wealthy through real estate immediately struck a chord, and I was excited to learn about all the advanced training they had to offer. I am an entrepreneur and single mom of 3 kids, and my career journey has involved everything from banking, to dollar stores, to restaurants and to organizing the largest chess tournament ever. But it is the world of real estate that has always captivated me, as I have always believed in passive income for achieving financial freedom, something that I value very much.

Real estate investing helped me raise my kids and become financially independent, so I want to help others do the same.  Too many people are hesitant and skeptical about real estate because they feel it’s too risky.  However, I believe that through my own story and passion for real estate and financial freedom, I can make a convincing case to doubters and help them turn their own lives around so they can get out of the rat race too. I want to inspire more people to take that difficult first step.

Now that I have taken some of their elite courses, I believe that the Legacy education and training can be that perfect first step.  I know their courses will bring positive changes to many people’s lives and I’d love to be able to contribute towards making a difference. If I believe something to be a true (as in this case), I know I can be very inspiring since my passion for the topic cannot but come through. It’s also been a dream of mine to leave a “legacy” behind after I am gone so what could be more perfect than a company so appropriately named, that helps students build and leave a legacy for their family.

I feel there are many reasons why joining Legacy is a good match for me.  My experiences as a mortgage broker, private fund manager and real estate developer make me a natural fit with this company.  The education I am receiving in the advanced program will add even more new skills and knowledge to perfectly complement my experience.  I also love the status as an Independent Contractor on top of the flexible schedule and travelling that comes with this role.  In addition, I speak four languages which will be a great asset.  Therefore, I feel this job will play to my strengths and seems completely tailor made for me.

I have taken the time to study this publicly traded company and how it works.  They have been around for over 2 decades which says a lot since many players in the seminar industry come and go quickly.  I really believe in their approach so I want to be a part of their journey.  My goal is to become a Speaker, especially for their international events!

I never thought I would be starting a new career at the age of 46, but I am very grateful to have found this new passion to explore.  Nor did I think I would ever have the courage to deal with my stage fright and fear of public speaking, but I am ready now to take on this next challenge!  I have signed up for several speaker training courses already!  Can’t wait for the day where I can feel like I OWN the stage!

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