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I started traveling when I was 16 years old. I have been to 155 cities in 44 countries on 5 continents, most of them since 2011. I don’t usually travel alone unless it is a business trip. In fact, I really treasure bonding with those I travel and I want to travel with those I want to bond with. My range of travel is very wide. I have stayed in USD14,000 a night 7-star hotels in Dubai to $7 a night in hostels in Bolivia. I have gone from fancy cruise trips to tough backpacking trips on a self-imposed tight budget. All these were part of what I had planned out as I believe in having a wide range of experience in everything that I do. Only then was I able to tell myself that I have lived life to the fullest and want to continue doing so. One really needs the bad times to appreciate the good ones. With the experience I have had so far, including the not-so-pleasant ones, I’ve put as part of my life goal to be able to reach triple digits the countries I will have visited before I emigrate to heaven.
There is a famous Chinese saying that goes: “Walking 10,000 miles is more valuable than reading 10,000 books…” Indeed, I have gained a lot – living with people from other countries, being immersed in their cultures and customs, learning about their history and seeing life from their perspective. Travelling has widened my view of the world and of life as a whole. It has made me more grateful for what I have and what I have had, even the not-so-pleasant ones. From my experience, the more you travel, the more open-minded and appreciative you become. With sincere gratefulness for the blessing that gave me the opportunity to travel, I am listing below the countries I have had the privilege of visiting so far, in the order that they appear: Vietnam (1) China (2) Hong Kong (3) Canada (4) United States (5) Mexico (6) United Kingdom (7) Germany (8) France (9) Japan (10) Taiwan (11) Macau (12) Australia (13) Singapore (14) Thailand (15) Puerto Rico (16) Italy (17) Spain (18) Monaco (19) Croatia (20) Morocco (21) Aruba (22) United Arab Emirates (23) Bahamas, The (24) Costa Rica (25) Guatemala (26) Colombia (27) Panama (28) Laos (29) Philippines (30) India (31) Chile (32) Argentina (33) Uruguay (34) Brazil (35) Bolivia (36) Peru (37) Malaysia (38) Cambodia (39) Indonesia (40) Netherlands (41) South Africa (42) Kenya (43) South Korea (44)
On this page, you’ll find highlights from my two-year trip with my son, as well as other trips. You can also visit for photos and updates.

World’s highest swimming pool – SINGAPORE

Lake Titicaca in South America is known as the world’s highest navigable lake in the world and one of the most fascinating lakes in the world..
Elephant ride in Chiang Mai, THAILAND

The DEATH Road – The North Yungas Road is by far the most dangerous road on the planet, so dangerous that it has earned the epithet ‘Death Road.’

Taj Mahal – 1 of the 7 wonders of the world! It is amazing! It is magnificent!

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  1. Hey Amy! I am so excited to have found you! I look forward to reading about your travels with your son. I am a single mom in Oakland California and just published a children’s picture book about my travels in Jamaica with my son Justice. Please check out our facebook page…Justice pon di Road. I look forward to reading about your experiences! Thanks for sharing.

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