Pole Dancing = 6

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Sept. 11/07 – I just decided to start working out so I can lose 5 lbs, tone up my body a bit and be healthier. I was sourcing for personal trainers to go to the gym with since working out is not something I enjoy doing therefore I needed to pay someone to “push” me. Lisa suggested “pole” dancing and emailed me the website of Tantra Fitness yesterday. I called and I had a good impression of Tammy (the owner) so I booked my first private lesson for today.


I got there at 9:00am. Tammy showed me a few moves on “pole” dancing, on “lap” dancing and “cardi strip tease.” She was so flexible, very gracious and very sexy too. Very inspiring. I fell in love right away. The isolations in the “lap” dancing is exactly what I want to achieve from “belly dancing” but which I never had a chance to do still.  My first lesson was called “pole 101” which is  a lot harder than it seems.  After just a short while, my body could  really feel the pain already.  But the good thing with pole dancing is that you are very busy learning the moves that you forget that you are working out at the same time. It’s almost like a combination of gym and yoga which is perfect since I enjoy doing both of that already. Another wonderful thing is that you don’t need rhythm like you do in salsa and bachata.  And the best part is that you don’t need a partner to make you feel good about yourself at all. Everything is at your own pace. The hour lesson seemed like 15 mins only. Never felt this way with any other dance I had ever done. With just this one class, I already feel very feminine and very sexy even though I haven’t lost a pound yet!  So looking forward to more classes.


Feeling good and sexy about yourself and really enjoying the dance is such a “priceless” feeling. All I needed to do was to make a decision to quit work to de-stress myself, start sourcing for “changes” to my future, and look at this new passion I just found. I really hope to discover more in the future…. :)))))


Pole Dancing = 6



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