Personal Growth Workshop – WLS (PSI) – High Valley Range – SF – April 14/19

Posted By Amy Lee

I have strongly valued personal growth ever since my divorce 17 years ago.  I was excited to be here for 9 days this time, as there’s always something to take away in any personal growth workshop I’ve attended.  This insight for me this time was a new understanding of “commitment” — and  I sure appreciated Andrew’s commitment to our relationship while I was here.   I remember I was in this same place, High Valley Range,  last year doing PSI-7, when I learned I have a fear of relationships. Therefore I decided to challenge myself to overcome that fear by signing up for online dating and that’s how I met Andrew!  This year, in the same range, I recognized that I needed to work on my commitment, which of course starts with Andrew as well…  

PSI WLS - April 2019

Over the last 9 days, I am very grateful to have met some amazing women who gave me a chance to experience compassion and unconditional love after I injured myself.  It was so beautiful to learn that accepting compassion and help from others does not mean I am WEAK!   I had always wanted to be more compassionate but perhaps it needs to begin with me accepting others compassion towards me before I can be a compassionate person towards others.

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