MC Lifetime VIP Membership – April 7/14

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MC’S Lifetime VIP Membership

– A Tribute To MC Early Supporters! –


April 7/14 – The past couple of months have really been exciting for Millionaire Chess. I have had the tremendous experience of learning different people’s views about this tournament and their predictions for its future. It has been overwhelming to read hundreds of messages from both participants and chess enthusiasts all over the world.


I would especially like to acknowledge the support of the early registrants – those who enlisted before the March 31/14 deadline.  They took action to support of our vision.  Like them, I believe that  “actions speak louder than words.”


At Millionaire Chess, we are blessed to have 76 such wonderful supporters who trusted and enrolled with  us right from the start.  Their actions strengthened our belief that there are players out there who share our vision to expand the appeal of chess. We believe there are many more out there who also share this vision but this is to pay tribute to those that stepped up to the plate before March 31st  to support our message.


To reward these 76 players that are so special to us, Maurice and I have decided to award these early supporters a privilege that we hope they will cherish for a lifetime.


We are giving these 76 special people the “MC Lifetime VIP Membership.” This entitles them to a 50% discount in registration fees in all future MC-hosted tournaments for the rest of their lives.  We hope that they will appreciate this gift of privileged membership as we show our appreciation for their confidence and trust in MC.  They deserve the right to be recognized and will be when we award these memberships to them during the tournament in October 2014. Naturally, should anyone choose to cancel their entry before the event day, the cancellation will forfeit the right to this membership.


Through these gifts, I would also like to announce to the world with a louder and clearer voice that MC is not a one-time event.  MC is not an overnight gig.  MC is not just another passing cloud. MC is a platform for all those chess aspirants dreaming to make it big one day. MC is a helping hand to all chess lovers who want to make a career out of it. MC is here to stay for a long time!  MC is a history in the making!”




11 thoughts on “MC Lifetime VIP Membership – April 7/14

  1. This is so huge! Thank you so much Amy Lee and MC team. While I am not that old either, my 7 year old son has a full lifetime left to enjoy this gift as we both are early registrants! From the beginning I knew something good for chess is going on with this initiative. I am happy that I was in the right side. Just like this jaw dropping surprise now (I am yet to recover!), I believe we will get surprised in many ways when we are in the playing venue this October, experiencing things that we have never done in other chess tournaments. This is awesome!

    1. Ashik – you’re very welcome, I am so pleased that your son will be able to enjoy this membership for the rest of his life, as the youngest lifetime member he is definitely going to get the most value from it. We thought deeply about how to thank our early supporters and feel this is the perfect reward for your vote of confidence and one that will also encourage your son to keep playing chess for the rest of his life. Vegas is going to be a blast for all of us, less than 6 months to go now, I am so excited!

  2. I appreciate the MC team for taking chess to the next level. I will play in the tournament for years. I played in Vegas in December, and Hilton grand vacation gave me a deal I had to take. I had no idea at the time, I would have a good reason to fly to Vegas every year to stay at the Elara Hilton grand vacation Club. The MC tournament will be number one on my list of tournaments.

  3. Amy

    A suggestion. In reading the material about MC, I find that sometimes MC refers to the Las Vagas Tournament and sometimes it refers to MC, LLC. As these are two separate entities, things can get confusing. A comment on the tournament may not be apropos to the company. Somehow, we need to be clear which entity we are discussing..

  4. As an example, the idea that MC will increase interest in chess. If you’re talking about the tournament, I have my doubts. If you’re talking about a viable company that survives the pitfalls of startup, it probably will.

    1. Thanks Bob, I should just clarify that the benefits of lifetime membership apply to any future chess tournament run by MC, you are correct that we are calling the first tournament the MC Open (MCO) but the lifetime discount of 50% off the entry fees will apply to any MC chess tournament in the future.

  5. Wow Amy !

    The cost of the lifetime membership yet high on your side. Millionaire Chess is clearly very committed. Only very mature businesses would go that far. Millionaire Chess never sees to amaze me.
    I so glad Millionaire Chess is flexing it’s muscle every month.
    It goes without saying. The chess revolution is here!

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