I will grow old “alone” – Feb 25/09 = 4

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old alone

I want to share my feelings today on myself…

As much as I don’t like to admit it but I do have to admit about how difficult it will be for someone to be my better half. Who can keep up with how quick I make decisions and how quick I change my mind about almost anything and everything? How much lower can I reduce my speed to, realistically when it’s in my blood??

Gosh, I know I wouldn’t want to be my partner!! But then I don’t dislike the Amy “as is” enough to want to change her to be someone else therefore I “accept” that there’s a very high chance I will grow old alone….

Rainbow wrote: I disagree. I think you can easily find a better half when you have opened your heart. You are strong and smart when you are at work. You are graceful. You are beautiful. I believe that to find the better half is not finding that someone to fit you.  It’s about whether you both create the common value, common interests and common goal.

Eric wrote: I don’t think so. I think you are a good find that Mr. Right hasn’t discovered yet. One benefit about your speed and fast paced life is that you’ll go through meeting people a lot faster and your “8ness” will keep you always wanting to meet new people. If it’s a numbers game, then you’ll have much higher chances cause you’ll go through 1000 people compared to other slow people that might go through 100 people.

Butler wrote: It is not that you can’t find that person to keep up the pace with you but more so you are not willing to slow down just yet. When the time comes, you will comfortably slow down and that person will be right there. It’s not a compromise when you want to slow down. Beside, you are still young that’s why you’re still speeding around like a little red Ferrari. :)))

Stephen wrote: you don’t have to reduce your speed because speed is your strength. The people who like you will be admired by your efficiency. It is only up to u to accept other people speed and admire their “safety approach” of thinking.


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