Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech – Nov. 17/17

Posted By Amy Lee

Here’s the video link to my HOF Acceptance Speech:  2017 Elite Legacy Education International Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech  


Orlando HOF 2017

Good evening everyone.

Wow! I still can’t believe I’m standing on this stage! I usually don’t do things for awards. I normally do them for money! (laughter from audience) And if you had asked my mother if she EVER imagined THAT I would be selected into a Hall of Fame, she would have said more likely a Hall of Shame (laughter from audience). And I would HAVE HAD to agree with her!


So how did a little Chinese girl, born in Vietnam, who watched dead drown bodies floating next to her in a capsized boat while secretly worrying if her family’s boat could be the next to sink, who lived in a refugee camp for over a year before getting to Canada, could end up on this stage to accept this incredible award?


Well first, I have to thank my mother for giving me birth and for taking the risk to get all of us out of Vietnam!  It was definitely not easy to be a widow at 34 having to raise 4 kids as a single mom with no money!  Having such a determined (pause), strong (pause) and loving woman in my life is what gave me the confidence that I could achieve success too.  She has been my ultimate role model. Witnessing her many sacrifices helped shaped my philosophy of what success means:

… that you have to first taste the bitter before you get to taste the sweet;

… and that talk is cheap, action speaks WAY LOUDER than words.

She is the BEST mother anyone could EVER have, and although she couldn’t be here tonight, I want to say, “THANK YOU Mom for everything you’ve done!”


Another reason I’m here is that I don’t like being told what to do.  And I’ve lost a couple of men over that!   (laughter from audience) Because I value my independence, I could never settle for just a job working for someone else.  My highest value has always been the  “the freedom to choose”.  I also love the freedom of NOT having to worry about money, since many choices in life do come with a price tag.  Just having a job will never get me rich nor give me that freedom, which is why I am especially  grateful to Legacy for helping me achieve my freedom through the POWER of passive income.


Lastly, you don’t get far in life without the help of others. I have a list that goes on forever, but I want to give a special thanks to Stephen Cheung for introducing Legacy to me 18 months ago. Of course, most importantly I need to thank my loving and supportive family.  Success would be hollow without them.  And finally, I would like to thank my mentor, Tim Tsai, for nominating me. I don’t know what Tim saw in me that made him think I deserved this award and recognition, but I am very grateful that he did. Tim, would you please join me on stage?

Thanks everyone!!


Orlando HOF 2017


2) What advice do I have for the new students?

The best advice I would give to new students is to be persistent and stay focused until you achieve the goals you have set.  I see far too many people who want instant success without putting in the effort and work.  How can you become good at something without putting your time and energy into it? Equally important, you must have integrity because that goes a long way.  For example, when I lost money in my business deals, I sold everything I owned and  borrowed from family in order to pay back my investors.  Then the next time I need OPM, my investors will always be there for me, even many years later!







One thought on “Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech – Nov. 17/17

  1. Hi Amy

    My name is Inhee Park.
    I also living in Vancouver BC.
    Originally from Korea 7 years ago following my happiness and success in here and finally got my permanent residency and work hard.
    I recently start study in Legacy Education.
    When I saw your name hall of fame that I was so happy and excited to see someone who is from Vancouver who had same goals and dreams and who had already achieved it.
    I am very new to this real estate business but the more I study the more I am interested in and I am willing to commit but I need someone who can lead me and teach me and I want to learn from the BEST.
    It would be very honored if I had a change to meet you maybe some advise possibly work with you in the future.

    I would be so happy if I could hear from you.
    Thank you!

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