Update #108 – Taiwan – Amy’s BD Trip – Nov. 15/17

Posted By Amy Lee

Amy's 47th BD

The purpose of this Taiwan trip was to celebrate my 47th birthday.  This year is the most memorable birthday for me.  10 friends flew into Taiwan over the last 10 days for karaoke hopping with me.  So much fun!  Endless laughs!  I am feeling very grateful for this week long birthday celebration.  Thanks to my mom for giving me my life.  It’s such a privilege to be living my dreams now that I am finally baggage free!

Taiwan - 2017

We took 3 days out of the 2 weeks to go to visit my god parents in Tai Chung.  Helen, Johnny and I decided to take Paul’s advice and check out their famous “love motels” aka “sex or hourly motels”  instead of staying in a normal hotel.  Really surprised how big and beautiful these drive-in motels are.  Surprisingly the nightly rate is not more than a nice 4+ star hotel but difference is we can not check in till after 6pm as they need it for hourly rentals during the day time.

Elephant Mountain

Of course other than lame karaoke bars, we also visited the famous hot springs visits, and night markets.  I even manage to hike up the Elephant Mountain for beautiful view of 101 Tower this time.

Hot Spring

It’s always hard to say goodbye to my favourite city and my 3 amazing friends.  But I am leaving a piece of my heart here.  I will come back for it soon.



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