Chicken noodle soup – March 16/16 = 8

Posted By Amy Lee


Chicken noodle

Canned chicken noodle soup can taste very good if it’s prepared with love! I was supposed to take De out for dinner at 6:30 tonight because I was too busy to cook for him. By the time I finally got a break, it was already 7:20. Naturally, De was disappointed,  “You said 6:30, Mom, (Yeah, I taught him to be time sensitive, too) but you didn’t come to get me till 7:20 when I fell asleep already. Then I said “Baby, the reason we are going out to eat is because I am having a super busy day and therefore no time to cook dinner. You heard me on Skype meetings back to back all day and you saw me checking email after email.  So, can you have some compassion please”?  He then said ok and that he’d prepare  food for himself.   I said OK. He left my room.


Surprise!  He came back 20 mins later with a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup he made for me! Then, he came back again 20 mins later with some hot tea! How much sweeter in a son can I ask for?  I feel grateful.  And more grateful because I  also experienced similar situation with his older 2 siblings when they were younger! It’s moments like these that make me feel that it’s ok to work harder, it’s ok to be a single mom.  What I feel now is  all worth it.!

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