Update #94 – Arizona – Feb. 20/17

Posted By Amy Lee


Arizona home

I feel very warm and cozy each time I come to live in my humble little 3 bedroom winter home (only 1605 sq. ft.) here in Arizona. Size really doesn’t matter! LOL!


This trip has been a very interesting one for me because I was able to network with a few new local contacts that opened the door to foreclosure/auction properties. I had always wanted to tap into that as well as the Mobile Home/Parks market.  For the month I was here, I was able to put together a small team to start my real estate investment here in the future.  It’s been a fun and educational learning process for me.  If all goes well then that’s where my focus will be next.  And if not, then I still got to learn a lot more about this city during the process.


The last 5 weeks had gone by so quickly.  I hosted 9 guests during my stay this time and am very excited to come back here again after my 3 weeks in Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.  In particular, I am really looking forward to spending spring break with Deon in Arizona this year.  


Off to Singapore now!


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