Update #85 – St. John’s, Newfoundland – Aug. 29/16

Posted By Amy Lee

St. John, Newfoundland

I have lived in Canada for 37 years but this is the first time that I have visited the country’s easternmost province. Now I can proudly say that I’ve been across Canada from coast to coast, from west to east.

Newfoundland is a Canadian province with a population of 527,000, of which 100,645 people make their home in the capital city, St. John’s. Its main industry is fishing and is especially known for cod.

St. John, Newfoundland

During this trip, we visited a brewery in St. John’s where I learned that Newfoundland produces over 10 million dozens of beer a year, equating to every person drinking an average of 20 dozens a year. This puts them at second place as the largest beer drinkers in all of Canada, right behind the Yukon which averages 21 dozens per annum. Pretty crazy, eh?


Going on the road here was a nice break from the crazy Toronto traffic. On the downside, it just took us two and a half days before we started to miss eating good food, as the city doesn’t offer much in the way of cuisine choices.

St. John, Newfoundland

During our boat tour, we saw the puffins and learned a great deal of interesting facts about them. Apparently, these birds are very loyal and faithful to their partners. They all have their homes that are dug up on Gull Island that they go back to all the time. Our tour guide was such an incredible storyteller and was really funny too! I always appreciate people who have a sense of humor.

St. John, Newfoundland

One night, Janey, Eric, and myself went to George Street, a downtown night-club district two blocks long. We went over to see a band at an Irish pub instead of going to get screech – which involves a popular local tradition (screech-in) where you drink local rum and kiss a cod, thus making you a true “Newfie”!
It took us four days to see the sights and sounds of St. John’s, though we really only needed three and a half. LOL! Heading back to Toronto now for some better food!

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