Update #61 – Virginia, Pennsylvania, & Maryland, USA

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Aug. 6/14 – This is the first trip Deon and I went on alone together since we got back from our 2-year travel last summer.  The experience this time was very different.  Deon clearly had grown so much from when we used to be on the road (10 & 11 yrs old).  He’s now more independent and less attached to me.  He definitely didn’t have the number of questions he used to ask me anymore.   Lol

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We visited 3 states over the last 11 days!  All these 3 are “virgin” states to me, meaning my first time visiting them.  I was surprised how close they really are to one another.  The first state was Virginia where Deon joined a chess camp while I was busy working super long hours on MC in the hotel room.


I also met a new FB friend, Oz, in Virginia because his son, Noble was also attending the same camp as Deon was.  Oz and I connected very quickly.  Through our conversation, I learned about the real estate in Philadelphia.  I became very interested in exploring further so I decided to drive up there after the chess camp was over.


I was told that Philadelphia, largest city in Pennsylvania, is a city of “brotherly love and sisterly affection.”  I can totally see why as evidenced by the friendliness of everyone during our 2-day visit.  Even though it’s only 2 hour drive from NY, the vib from the people here is definitely very different from the vib I get from the New Yorkers.  The fact that Oz and Noble were great hosts made my experience that much better too.  I really like this historic city.  I will be back in September to explore real estate more in here.


Before going home, we stopped by Washington, DC for a couple of days to see Mark and the White House.  It felt so nice to re-connect with him.  Mark was our co-volunteer while we were in China 2.5 years ago.  His sense of humor still made me and Deon laughed as hard as we did when we were in Xian doing volunteer work together.  Washington is a beautiful city that I feel everyone should visit this place at least once in their life time.  Mark took us sight seeing all day then took me to eat the best crab cake in town.  So yummy!


Time to go home now.   I do miss my family, friends and boating but still this trip only further confirms how much I miss traveling.  I don’t know if I will ever be bored because there are just too many places I still want to go to ….


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