Update #55 – Vegas Business Trip

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Dec. 10/13 – We experienced our 2nd challenge for the MC during this Vegas trip.  I felt kind of sad and disappointed after I found out when I got here that there would be about 300-400k in cost that we didn’t budget for because of the event would be held in a hotel.   I had the cold feet feeling for the first time in a long time even though I believe that this will be a good business after we survive year one.


After the long meeting with Maurice, we decided that we still want to go ahead with the project until the cut off date of April 1/14.  I learned a lot ever since we decided to do MC two months ago.  The knowledge and experience have been so valuable.  It now seems that we may have to adjust our original idea of the tournament being player-dependent to sponsor-dependent.


I am still confident that we will still be able to make this event a success.  I tell myself this is just another challenge to test us!  No one ever promised us that success will come easy to begin with anyway…


On the positive side – I am very happy that the relationship among us has deepened very much over this weekend.  I feel very grateful to have Maurice as my business partner and friend for life… 🙂


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