Update #41 – Bali, INDONESIA

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Feb. 9/13 – This week has been the BEST and LONGEST “chillaxing” vacation for me. Balinese are very nice and friendly.  Massages under the blue sky on fine sandy beaches for $5/hr.   Lunches and dinners on beach front restaurants.  Cocktails by the pool side.  Lots of water sports.  Life is SO good here!!  Makes me wonder how much of my appreciation and enjoyment of this trip has to do with our backpacking experience and self-imposed limitations.  Lol


Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world in terms of population, tailing behind China, India and USA in that order. Oh, Canada ranks #35. The population of Indonesia is approximately 240 million, 3.9 of which is of Bali.


Snorkelling on crystal clear waters at Nusa Lembongan Island was just fantastic. This is my 2nd time snorkeling, but I don’t recall the ocean underneath being very colorful and beautiful that first time 4 years ago. It’s like a whole new world under there. And very beautiful at that. Well, I’ve always known that corals and fishes have always been pretty, it’s just that I didn’t see them then in the same way I saw it today… 🙂


After visiting the Killing Field and watching documentaries on it, I left Cambodia with a lot of unanswered history-related questions, therefore I ended up asking Neil. I felt like I had “a semester of history lesson within a week” through Neil who came and joined us in Bali before going onto his business meeting in Australia. It’s like I had different pieces of the puzzle that Neil helped me put together. He is a very intelligent, well-traveled and well-read man. We really enjoyed travelling with him in Rio for a weekend last November. And we enjoyed travelling with him even more this time. He is definitely on our priority list for travel buddy now. I especially love it when he has the answers to everything we asked him. It seems like my admiration for intelligent people will just never change.


Special thanks to Eric and Janey for letting me enjoy their Time Share here in this beautiful resort in Bali. And I wanna thank Neil for joining us for an amazing week and especially for everything he taught us this week.


We are off to Taiwan now. I am very excited because Melbourne and Taiwan are the only 2 places I had ever visited and for which said “I will be back for sure”. So far, Taiwan is the closest to where I want to relocate to, assuming I still like the country, the people, and the food as much as I did during my 7 day visit back in 2006.

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