Update #147 – Taiwan – Jan. 8/20

Posted By Amy Lee


Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan 

Our first stop in Taiwan (still my favourite country!) was to visit my god-parents in Taichung which is around 2 hrs drive from Taipei, the capital city, where we got to spend some quality time with them, staying in their home for 4 days before going to Taipei.  

Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan

Thanks to Bell & Ding bro for taking us to the hot springs and to Jiu fun.  Singing karaoke with old local friends was fun as always, but the highlight of this trip for us was definitely checking out the love motels.

Taipei, Taiwan

Asia is well known for its “Love Motels” aka “Hourly Motel” or “Drive-in Motel” but apparently Taiwan has the nicest ones so we decided to do “love motel hopping” during our stay and we were not disappointed at all! It’s way nicer than a normal hotel, with so many different theme rooms to choose from and they all come with excellent sound proofing (LOL)!  Our favourite is called “WeGo Motel”.  

Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan

Next stop: Hong Kong!

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