Update #136 – Lucrative Luminary Council Conference in Los Angeles – July 22/19

Posted By Amy Lee

LA - July 2019


Andrew was here for his quarterly meeting and I was the “plus one” just to keep him company.  On our last night in LA, we went to TR’s house for a party and had so much fun meeting some interesting people. I laughed so hard!  


I met TR’s wife, Dr. Ann Tran.  Amazing hosts!  Meeting Ann was the highlight for me during this trip, as she completely changed my perception of doctors: she is beautiful, fun and kind hearted.  I have a feeling we will cross paths again in the future. Perhaps we might pursue a joint venture regarding my orphanage plans after I turn 50.  Life is full of surprises so who knows what the future holds but I do believe people meet for a reason.


I love the weather in LA but definitely don’t care for the traffic at all which is why I chose Arizona as my winter home and not California!

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