Starlight Casino – April 21/16 = 6

Posted By Amy Lee



Julie invited mom, Uncle Andy, untie 7, and me to dinner and mini concert at Starlight Casino tonight.  I had a great time and I’m starting to feel like it’s time to start bonding with this older sister of mine. We’ve never really connected on a personal level in the past because we are  so different in all aspects.  .


It was a nice surprise to bump into Christine and Tony whom I had not seen for 23 years.  I went over to say hi and we talked and exchange phone numbers.  Very nice couple!


Mom and Auntie 7 left early.  I chose to stay behind not to gamble but to spend more time to connect with my older sister.  I understand how my family see me in the past and I really want to change that now.  I am perceived as someone who is not interactive in a sense that I am always busy on my phone or busy working. Ever since 2011 during my travel with De, I vowed to not having my cell phone on the dining table so I can spend time to connect with people I am eating with instead. Unfortunately my family and friends have not noticed that yet.  But I will continue to do the same moving forward because this is something that I valued.


At the end of the concert, I found out that Uncle Andy was still in the casino so I impulsively decided to play a few hands of blackjack to win a purple ($500 chip) for him to bring home to surprise Mom since she left after losing $100 tonight.  Mission succeeded!  I stopped casino gambling in 2011 when I discovered Kiva which is a micro-financing platform. I love the concept of teaching people how to fish instead of giving them the fish.  I realized that if I give up one night of entertainment in the casino, I can make a difference in 1600 people’s lives somewhere in the world which was very powerful to me and therefore I decided to stop playing at the casino and become a lender for Kiva instead.  Everyone was shocked how I can quit cold turkey just like how I can quit smoking (26 years) cold turkey, too.  I guess determination is my essence!   As long as Mom still likes going to the casino, then I will be going to the casino with her but the difference would be I will not gamble like I used to anymore.



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