PSI-7 Life Success Course – June 1/18

Posted By Amy Lee

Day 5 at the Ranch in PSI-7! I will never forget my experience on this day! 

Ever since my divorce 16 years ago, I have placed a very high value on personal growth. I’ve taken many different personal growth workshops because I believe there is no limit to growth.  Thanks to my brother Eric suggesting PSI to me, I spent a week at the ranch in Northern California last week for a personal growth retreat. What an amazingly profound experience!


I spent a week with 71 amazing amazing individuals, learning together, growing together, getting broken down emotionally and pieced back together, and graduating together. We pushed each other beyond our imaginable limits and did the impossible together!  It was so beautiful to witness each other’s transformative journey. My personal breakthrough happened on day 5 during the high rope and wall exercise! It was magical!


I haven’t spoken to my one and only daughter for 16 months cause I was mad at her.  But I decided to reach out to her while I was on the plane coming home from the ranch.  I wrote “I have been thinking about you and I over the past week. Do you want to start over fresh?”  She replied “How?” I said “Let’s start with dinner”! We ended up having a 2 hour dinner date which is the longest I had ever eaten with her since she was born 25 years ago!  During dinner I felt there was “nothing” left between us in terms of our past. Our time together was like adult to adult or friend to friend—which was something I had always wanted our relationship to be.  I was fully present and full of joy!


Then the following day, I spontaneously texted her to tell her that she is truly my joy and my pride—and that I love her!  She replied saying “love u”.

PSI Team 572

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