My new Facebook fan page – March 3/15

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FB fan

I have decided that it’s time to separate my Facebook personal profile and create a FB fan page.

Before MC started, I had 500 friends. Today, I am at 3170 friends which means that 2670 were new chess fans as a result of MC1, and over the last 15 months only. FB personal page only allows a maximum of 5000 friends so with the rate I am going, I will most likely exceed that before MC2. And I don’t want to wait till then to decide what to do.

This was why I had been thinking of my options prior to being maxed out. But what really triggered me to decide to do just that today was that of the 2nd video clip I received in my private chat of a guy playing with himself. This is the 2nd video I received showing a man’s private parts over the last 2 weeks. Disgusting! Childish! Of course, I had no choice but to learn where the “block” button was! I had also received a picture of woman’s underwear that is soiled with semen.  I had been receiving video call requests from complete strangers daily too. Why would they expect me to answer when I don’t even know them? And the thing is that some are younger than my oldest son!  Crazy! All kinds of people out there!

So, after doing research by asking a few trusted people, I came down to 2 options: either to create a new fan page since there’s no maximum limit of how many fans can go there or, to convert my existing personal page into a fan page so all my 3170 friends will move there. But the biggest down side in this is that I will lose all my 8 years worth of history (posts and albums). My history is too valuable to me, therefore I decided to create a brand new fan page instead.

My friends offered to help me set up the fan page tomorrow, but I got too impatient to wait so I started trying to do it myself. And surprisingly I did it by 3am! Felt so proud!! My objective is to stop accessing my personal page for a while so people can move from my personal page into this fan page. Hopefully after sometime, I can have my personal page back to connect with my family and close friends only like in the pre-MC days. I do miss those personal connections very much….


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