In Search of a Travel Buddy – March 1/18 = 5

Posted By Amy Lee


Travel buddyI enjoy solo travelling but I don’t want to travel alone on every trip anymore. Maybe I am finally tired of travelling? Maybe it’s time to find a place I like and settled down for awhile and see what happens…

I was sharing my feelings of loneliness during the last 2 months while I was in Taiwan and Spain with Mercedes so she suggested I sign up for to find someone to travel with me 2—6 months a year.  She believes my chance of finding someone who has the free time and money to join me will be higher on that site than the other online sites.  Obviously I was prepared to bump into scams, flakes and fakes already.

My original plan was to commit the next 3 years to visiting 100 countries before settling down for a relationship but when I made that commitment, I didn’t anticipate feeling lonely on solo trips.  I am not stubborn and want to honour my feelings, so I agreed to take her suggestion and put my profile out there to see what happens.  I’m not holding my breath but there’s no harm in trying.   I am always open to new opportunities and possibilities.



Here’s what I will put on my profile:  

I am an honest, spontaneous, direct, and fun person.  I enjoy both dressing up and dressing down.  I am a self-aware and self-made woman. I am playful about life but serious about love.  I am willing to relocate for the right person. I live by the belief that life is what I make of it… I believe in myself, my abilities, and believe I am a great catch for many reasons.

My highest values are family, friends, honesty, and personal growth. I like open communication and transparency in my relationship. I am allergic to drama and attached men!

I have been to 56 countries. My goal is to visit 100 countries before I turn 50. I am semi-retired, part-time real estate entrepreneur so I can work anywhere as long there is internet, which is why I am very flexible to travel.  But travelling alone is not my first choice anymore.


Looking for:  Someone to travel 2-6 months a year with me which means he’s either no longer working or can work remotely.  Hopefully we can travel the world together and build a long loving relationship based on trust, laughter, honesty and integrity.

Someone who appreciates my confidence and independence instead of being intimidated by it.  Someone who is intelligent, funny, honest, affectionate, and accountable.  Hopefully he can carry a long conversation.  I really want to be with a man I can look up to and be proud of!

Just to be clear, I am NOT here to look for a sugar daddy.  Neither do I want to be a sugar mom.  I am NOT interested in guys under 40.  And please don’t write me if you don’t have a profile picture!



2 thoughts on “In Search of a Travel Buddy – March 1/18 = 5

  1. Amy,

    We saw your post about looking for a travel buddy, think that your drafted profile looks wonderful, and hoping you find a wonderful partner! Wishing you nothing but the best, and a long life of happiness! Make sure you let us know the next time that you are in the NY/NJ area!

    Chuck & Denise

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