De’s “Too Cute!” Moments – Jan. 7/18

Posted By Amy Lee

I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since I last wrote a blog post on De’s cute moments.  Kids don’t stay cute forever!  Deon will be 17 in 4 months and has been going to a boarding school ever since he got back from our 2 year travel journey almost 5 years ago.  Last month, during our regular Sunday video call, he told me he lent his allowance money to his classmate!  And get this: he charges even more interest than his mother (!) —10% a month, which means 120% a year.  To protect himself, he made his classmate sign a loan agreement he found online and reworded it so that his classmate will get kicked out of school for stealing if they don’t pay!  Too cute!  I didn’t teach him about hard money so it must be from listening to me talk business on the phone and to Marco during our Europe Road Trip last summer!



Deon owns 50% (30K USD) of an Indianapolis rental property with me since his “red pocket money” was only enough to buy half a house (therefore he gets half of the $700 monthly rental income, or $350/month). When he found out I paid 19K and 23K during Black Friday for Detroit and Cleveland properties to collect $700 in rent as well, he asked me if he can sell his half of the Indianapolis house and use the money to buy one house in Detroit instead!  LOL. Can’t help feeling proud that my son is so money smart!


End of our 2 year journey!
End of our 2 year journey!


I recorded my Legacy script to practice.  I listened to it in the car while De has his earphone on to listen to his own stuff. When I got to the part that goes something like “money can’t buy happiness but I had lived my life without money and now that I have money I will never want to live my life without money again”, then out of nowhere, De threw out this sentence “yeah money can’t buy happiness but I’d rather cry in a Ferrari then on the streets”!  LOL! Kids are listening when we don’t expect it so be careful what we say in front of them!


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