Update #105 – Busan, South Korea – Oct. 19/17

Posted By Amy Lee

Busan, South Korea

I couldn’t board the cruise ship from Shanghai because my China visa was attached to my passport which I forgotten I had lost.  So I end up going to Busan in South Korea for a few days to wait for the arrival of the cruise ship since this was the first port.  This was my 2nd solo trip and I really enjoyed it.  Very liberating!


If you believe that Seoul is the only city of interest in South Korea, you obviously haven’t been to Busan which is located in the south.  Busan is a seaside town and the second largest city in South Korea, boasting a plethora of beaches, seaports, hot springs and more. You could say that the city is a more chilled out, relaxed version of the more populous Seoul, and also holds treasures aplenty just waiting to be explored.


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