Strawberry picking

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Jan. 11/14 –  Remembering my first job brought me back to my childhood…

Strawberry picking was my 2nd job.  I was only 11 years old then.  This job was offered every summer to everyone but mostly, only students or seniors were interested.  My sister and I would sign up.  I remember being picked up by a big van and brought to the farm to pick strawberries.  The farm owners gave us a card and for every 4 liter-sized bucket full of strawberries we picked, we would punch 1 hole on the card and when the card was full of holes, we could exchange it for cash.  There were 40 holes per card.  Each hole was worth $1. I averaged 10 to 13 buckets on an 8 hour day, depending on how hard I work that day meaning I made $10 to $13 per day.

The bonus is that we were also eating unwashed strawberries for free, secretly though.  We didn’t want to be caught!

However, by the end of the 2 summers, I was already pretty strawberried out picking and secretly eating strawberries!

I remember the time that I lost my card when it had 36 holes punched already.  I was so upset because I didn’t get paid for my hard work.  My back was very sore every day from kneeling down to fill those 36 buckets of strawberries since they were so low.  Then, I wouldn’t get paid for it only because I lost the card!

Ever since then, I learned to guard all important things such as cash, IDs or credit cards with much care. And ever since, I have not eaten strawberries!


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