The True Value of Millionaire Chess – Sept. 10/14

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We started Millionaire Chess primarily because Maurice and I had the same vision, we saw the same star. We saw the value in chess. We saw the value in bringing it to the next level. We saw what we could do to change the lives of chess lovers and patrons. We saw how we could change minds. We saw how we could take it to the global spotlight. All these resulted in us being partners, bringing our strengths together behind the brand we stand so proudly.

That vision made us take the risk – all the risk. Changing minds and changing hearts is a risk in itself. Investing a million to make that happen is definitely a real risk. But, our passion and our commitment have brought us this far.

I would not be true to myself if I deny the fact that I didn’t see the business opportunity in this endeavor. I did. But I did not envision profit at this early stage. I was looking at year 3 or even year 5. Having been an entrepreneur for decades, I knew that business does not bring in business at its early stage – especially if it involves more than just product or service.

Admittedly, the recognition that we have been getting the accolades that have been accorded us so far became the impetus for a shift in business values. We didn’t expect the acceptance of chess enthusiasts across the globe. We didn’t expect the interest of entrepreneurs in joining us even before we could go into the event’s day itself. Seeing our pictures in broadsheets and reading the articles have been motivating.

And today, I woke up and realized that in order to grow this brand into something much bigger than what we initially planned, something that is already expected of us at this time, we need to shift our views on bringing in strategic financial partners/investors. I guess the real trigger of this shift was seeing my words and my vision so eloquently written in the New York Times, the article that sparked the world’s attention, the article that totally overwhelmed me. It’s amazing to see how fast our vision is spreading internationally.

I believe. Maurice believes. Our supporters believe. And now, the media believe. All these people now see what we have been seeing all this time. With this kind of support, I am more convinced that it’s time to take that leap of faith and align ourselves with the people who can help us, who have expressed their interest in joining us.

Through this blog, I say thank you to the supporters who have walked our path from day one and have praised us since the news hit the international wires. We love you all.

We work sleepless nights because we know that once we get to October 9, in its first ever event, we will make history, not as business people but as people who followed through on a dream bigger than people initially thought was achievable. We have not lost sight of who we are and why we are doing this. We have never lost sight of our goal – we still see the star, but now brighter than before.

This is for everyone who is passionate about chess and bringing the game into the mainstream. It is a game of players that deserve that kind of spotlight, including my own partner Maurice Ashley.

Wish us luck as we near the big event and as we take steps to plan the second. I so look forward to meeting each and every one of you!


7 thoughts on “The True Value of Millionaire Chess – Sept. 10/14

  1. I started by reading this one post. Then, I moved on to the next… and the next. I’m pretty pleased to uncover this great site. I want to thank you for your time for the wonderful posts! In particular, I like this article. I definitely really liked every part of it. Keep on writing and keep on inspiring your readers. And I hope more shall discover you site,too.

    1. Hello there! And nice comment; appreciate it. Keep on reading and yes, writing is definitely part of life now. And once MC is finished, will have more time for it.

  2. I understand the value of “striking while the iron is hot”. The buzz generated by this event is of enormous value (I had not anticipated it) and I believe now is the time capitalize on that. Good luck to you and Maurice going forward in this venture.

    1. Hello Steve,

      Really appreciate you following us. And forgive me for the delayed reply; it’s has been a super busy week. Don’t recall being this busy. Thank you for your support; it’s been a success!


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