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Panama Canal - 23
Panama Canal

Oct. 1/12 –  I have been told by a few local people I talked to that Panama City is a city full of banks, casinos and young pregnant girls.  The high rises along the bay reminds me of Miami.  Before I got here, I had been warned that Panama was a haven for cheaters.  I can see how people came up with that comment after I talked to my host at my home stay for a few hours.  I was told that a simple example would be a taxi ride to the same place could cost as low as $1.50 USD to as high as $15.00 USD.   I had my own share of similar experience during my 4-day stay but I did meet a few nice people, though they are not as friendly, as kind and as service-oriented as those that I have met in other places.

Cinta Costera (Panama) - 11

Cinta Costera (Panama) - 16 Amador Causeway (Panama) - 04 Amador Causeway (Panama) - 10 Cinta Costera (Panama) - 04 Amador Causeway (Panama) - 12

Other than the Panama Canal, the highlight of Panama City for us was definitely the “Power Bungee” for me and the “Power Pool” for Deon inside Albright Mall.  I am sure you can tell how much fun we had after you watch our video and see how loud I screamed while doing the Power Jump.  Also you will notice the big smiles on Deon’s face while he was playing the Power Pool… 🙂

Power Pool (Panama) - 7 Power Bungee (Panama) - 09 Power Bungee (Panama) - 05

Deon has matured so much this year.  He is totally OK with staying in by himself.  As a matter of fact, he was the one who encouraged me to check out local Salsa Clubs for 2 out of the 3 nights while we were here.  Actually, it was my first time ever to go into a club alone and surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad at all.  Before the club got busy, I pulled out my iPhone and read the “backpacker’s bible – Lonely Planet” just like how people read in Starbucks.  It’s just that I much prefer Sangria over coffee.  LOL.  The Salsa Club was nice but didn’t wow me.  I feel so lucky and free as if I am totally single.  Indeed, Deon is a bonus and not a burden at all!!

Museum by Frank G. Casco Viejo (Panama) - 03 Casco Viejo (Panama) - 16 Casco Viejo (Panama) - 22

I know a stock broker who moved here from Vancouver over 3 years ago.  He told me he liked it here because it felt like July for 12 months a year.  But I don’t see myself coming back here because 320 degree with 100% humidity does NOT go well with Amy or Deon….

Summit Zoo (Panama) - 18 Summit Zoo (Panama) - 20

Despite the safety issues I had been warned about, we enjoyed our short stay here.  We are leaving Central America today.  Our next stop is Santiago (Chile) in South America where the weather is a lot nicer…. 🙂


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